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Desk of Principal

Dear Edmunt and Beyond the Edge Tutoring Team

Please accept this letter as a token of appreciation for the difference you and your team are making in the academic lives of Forest Village Leadership Academy learners.

Since the inception of the On the Edge Tutoring Programme, we have seen steady improvement in the academics of our learners and we are very excited about future results.

Forest Village Leadership Academy remains committed to creating opportunities for our learners through establishing and building relationships with experts in their fields like, On the Edge Tutoring.

Once again thank you for your kind donation of branded envelopes, we will be using them to send home our academic reports at the end of the term.

Your kind donation will most definitely go a long way in achieving our goals to academic excellence.

Yours Faithfully,

Wendy Philander

(Acting Principal)

Forrest Village



Dear Sir /Madam

How does one express your gratitude to those who are prepared to respond to the need of others as selflessly, spontaneously and generously as you have? I fail to find the right words to express the Princeton High Schools appreciation for what you have done. Allow me so say THANK YOU.

May the Almighty grow you, the business organization you represent and your dear ones in health and wealth, may you be further blessed in your conviction of a higher spiritual calling in particular your propensity to share and serve humankind.

May our association grow into a firm commitment from your good selves. Be assured that at Princeton High we appreciate every effort made by any and all stakeholders directed at improving, uplifting and developing the Princeton High School.

Once again, thank you.

Yours in appreciation


Princeton High School

Princeton high

Parent Testimonial

Good Afternoon Edmunt

It gives me great joy to pen this mail to you today.

We came to your company a year ago to be exact, two weeks before the final examinations commenced in November 2015. I had given up hope that my daughter would pass the year, but nonetheless I owed it to myself to give it a try. Before we came to your company, my daughter had failed all three terms respectively (Grade 8).

We were welcomed with open arms at On the Edge Tutoring, and that is when I started to see the light again. Examinations started, and as a parent I was in a panic mode as I didn’t know what to expect after she had failed all three terms consecutively. We got her report and yes she had passed and had improved on all her subjects including Mathematics which was also failed dismally.

This year she’s doing Grade 9, and her confidence levels are high. She has dreams and always speaks about what she’s been taught at On the Edge Tutoring.

A few weeks ago, she was selected to write the Department of Education Examinations, specifically for pupils who see themselves in the Maths/Science Field. Papers were set by DET and yes Sibulele achieved 95% for English.

We waited in anticipation for her Science results, but today she has been told that she has done well and will be representing the school at Science Centre in Cape Town. This is a big achievement for my daughter and I can only thank the team at On the Edge Tutoring for this success.

Keep up the great work, and continue to give birth to the stars of tomorrow.

A Proud Parent
Bosmansdam High

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