Beyond the Edge Tutoring, what we’re all about

Our Mission

By means of our comprehensive and specialised tutoring programs, Beyond the Edge Tutoring will strengthen, support and assist our learners on every level of their academic journey. This support is offered both in person (face to face) and via our online platforms.

We encourage our learners to reach their full potential, and strive to ensure that every student receives the best academic support through our individually designed programs. Our highly qualified team of educators ensures that that we encourage these learners by developing a well-balanced and strong individual.

Our Values

At Beyond the Edge Tutoring, our value system is part of our organisation’s DNA. We pride ourselves on these core values:


RESPECT: We value all people, treating them with dignity at all times.

INTEGRITY: We believe in complete honesty and transparency in our interactions with all our stakeholders, especially our learners and parents.

QUALITY SERVICES: We are continuously striving to give our clients the highest quality service possible at the most competitive rates.

EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in everything that we do!

INNOVATION: Our programmes are innovative and are based on the latest teaching and learning methodologies. We seek creative ideas, originality and new ways of thinking to develop and improve our programmes.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We do what we say we will do and expect the same from others.

SELF DEVELOPMENT: We believe in the importance of self-development for each employee in order to grow our business. Each staff member accepts responsibility for his or her personal growth.

MEANINGFUL WORK: We believe that hard work has its own rewards and that hard work gives everyone the opportunity to be winners!


Above all, the best interests of each of our learners is of paramount importance to us!


With these values in place, we at Beyond the Edge Tutoring turn every learner into a WINNER!

Company Overview

Beyond the Edge Tutoring launched in 2014, celebrating its fifth year of existence in 2019.  The team have been actively involved in the education sector for over a decade.  Beyond The Edge Tutoring is now ready to concentrate on developing this business into, and beyond the 21st Century. We strive to be the leading brand of its kind.

Beyond The Edge Tutoring  has hosted classes and extra academic support and assistance to learners from all walks of life from Grade 1-12 across the Western Cape. We have supported thousands of learners over the years from over 160 schools in the Western Cape, and a number of schools have kindly hosted us on a Saturday morning.


We now look forward to taking our expertise across all NINE PROVINCES and abroad by launching a world class online platform (LMS). We look forward to bringing the classroom into the comfort of your very own home anywhere around the world. Our services and support are now offered both face to face and  via our online platforms.

Our Team of Professionals


Beyond the Edge Tutoring is led and supported by a dynamic team of experienced partners in the field of education, training & development. We strive to become one of the leading brands of its kind in South Africa and abroad. We support various CSI initiatives related to education, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities associated with schools.


We play a pro-active role in society and thrive on excellence. Our primary objective is to develop, train, and equip our learners with the necessary skills, techniques, support and academic resources to motivate them to excel academically.


Beyond the Edge Tutoring brings a wealth of academic excellence as well as a proven track record for their love for children, youth & society as a whole. Our love for education compels us to aid young and old from all walks of life to succeed academically, and we encourage our leaners to DREAM BIG  and reach for the stars!

Our Experience


At Beyond the Edge Tutoring we are well-aware of the many, many challenges that students face on a daily basis, such as socio-economic challenges, over-crowded classrooms and much more.  We therefore developed tutoring sessions and programs, led by a dynamic group of educators to address various setbacks, and equip learners to cope and achieve under these challenging circumstances. The best interests of every learner comes first and we strive to turn every learner into a winner.

Our Educators


Beyond the Edge Tutoring only employs reputable and qualified educators. When selected and short listed, they must meet all the criteria to teach via any of our platforms. They are goal-orientated, meet deadlines and  serve our learners diligently. Our educators all have reputable track records. Our teachers and educators have all the necessary B-Ed qualifications and degrees, and the experience they need  to teach our learners the CAPS curriculum from Grade 1-12.


Some of our services are outsourced and are conducted by other practitioners and specialists. Educators teaching via our eLearning platforms will attend regular online training sessions, and have some form of online tutoring background.